Glitter Red Living Room Escape

Glitter Red Living Room Escape

 New Year


Use mouse to play the game and escape from this glitter red living room.

Game Details

You go for a New Year bash to your friend's house and have some fun. As it becomes late, you feel tired and want to take rest for few minutes. You enter his glittering red living room and lye on his sofa leaving the room door opened. As you get to sleep the door bangs in the breeze and it gets locked. After an hour, you wake up to go down and continue to have fun but you find yourself stuck in this glittering room. There are a lot of special objects in the room which will help you to find the key and escape back to the party, but this room is so glittery red and hurts your eyes. So be quick and a strong person with sharp eyesight to find all the objects from this glittering red room. There are a few hints which will help you use the objects in the right place and escape.

Date Added: 2014-12-20

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